Infinity Is Big As Universe?

Hi guys!

Today, I would like to discuss on how big infinity is. Have you ever think about this? Since I was 7 years old, I always asked my teachers what is the last number?

“It’s more than what you think”

I don’t satisfied with the answer. So, when I went to the secondary school, I asked my teacher the same question.

“The biggest number is Infinity”

But, I came out with another question! What is infinity? I want a value like ∞ = 99987654321082. I keep asking myself how big a number can be? *I feel like eating something sweet right now because I’M HAPPY*



Infinity is the idea of something that has no end.

In our world we don’t have anything like it. So we imagine traveling on and on, trying hard to get there, but that is not actually infinity.

So don’t think like that (it just hurts your brain!). Just think “endless”, or “boundless”.

If there is no reason something should stop, then it is infinite.


Infinity is not “getting larger”, it is already fully formed.

Sometimes people (including me) say it “goes on and on” which sounds like it is growing somehow. But infinity does not do anything, it just is.


Infinity is not a real number, it is an idea. An idea of something without an end.

Infinity cannot be measured.

Even these faraway galaxies can’t compete with infinity.


All of these numbers are “finite”, we could eventually “get there”.

But none of these numbers are even close to infinity. Because they are finite, and infinity is … not finite!


We can sometimes use infinity like it is a number, but infinity does not behave like a real number. To help you understand, think “endless” whenever you see the infinity symbol “∞”:

For example: ∞ + 1 = ∞

Which says that infinity plus one is still equal to infinity. When something is already endless, we can add 1 and it is still endless. The most important thing about infinity is that:

 < x < 

Where x is a real number

Which is mathematical shorthand for 
negative infinity is less than any real number,
and infinity is greater than any real number”

Here are some more properties:

Special Properties of Infinity

∞ + ∞ = ∞

-∞ + -∞ = -∞

∞ × ∞ = ∞

-∞ × -∞ = ∞

-∞ × ∞ = -∞

x + ∞ = ∞

x + (-∞) = -∞

x – ∞ = -∞

x – (-∞) = ∞

For x>0 :

x × ∞ = ∞

x × (-∞) = -∞

For x<0 :

x × ∞ = -∞

x × (-∞) = ∞

Undefined Operations

All of these are “undefined”:

0 × ∞

0 × -∞

∞ + -∞

∞ – ∞

∞ / ∞



Example: Isn’t ∞ / ∞ equal to 1?

No, because we really don’t know how big infinity is, so we can’t say that two infinities are the same. For example ∞ + ∞ = ∞, so

 = ∞ + ∞

means that:
11 = 21 ?

And that doesn’t make sense!

I could have also made 1=3 and so on … so we say that ∞ / ∞ is undefined.

FUHHHH! What a long story to read just about infinity. So, to make it simple, infinity is ENDLESS! visit for  more understanding *I really love this channel*

I wish there is a food called INFINITY in this universe so that I can eat it endlessly. Hahahaha Lets have a dinner guys.



Escape plan

Hi maths lover ! 😀

have you plans your ways to escape from the dangerous zombies?  👀

If  not , i’m afraid the zombies will be next to you right know 🎃 ! he he.


Remember the last post about Zombies Riddle?

Today i am going to share the “ESCAPE PLAN a.k.a the solution for the

last riddle that i had post . Lets take a look from this video 👇


Simple but tricky !

First let the first two fastest people go first ,

its YOU and the lab assistant to go across the bridge  (2 minutes)

then YOU run back (1 minutes) to let the

professor and the janitor across the bridge (10 minutes).

After that the lab assistant run back to get to YOU (2 minutes)

then BOTH OF YOU cross the bridge  (2 minutes)

at the same time.  So the total used of time was 17 minutes.

Well done guys !  phewww ~ That was a close call. The zombies fails to get across

the bridge.Maths can terminate zombies! Awesome right?

So good luck guys , keep smiling and remember

MATHS IS DELICIOUS and brain dont taste good! he he


Booster #4

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things


Algebra 🎒
Vector 💝
Analysis 🎁
Trigonometry 🎈

🐳As u studied in higher level of mathematics, u will realize that every subtopics will transform into subjects.

🌷But its still a mathematics

💐Every subject will teach you a different things of mathematic; like different flavour of candies🍓
Sometimes its related to each others

🌸It might not to be as easy as u can understand it immediately. But as long as you can appreciate the uniqueness of mathematics and enjoy it then it will be fun for you.🎉🎉🎉

No matter whats their ‘subnames’ but it still 💐MATHEMATICS 💐


Specific Maths Subject


Hye guys. It has been awhile since our last post. Do you guys miss us? Absolutely yes? Ohhh, i appreciate that as much as i appreciate my breakfast, lunch and my dinner *what to eat eh during breakfast tomorrow?🤔*

So today, I am going to share with you guys my subject for this semester. And as you guys know, my section involve in real life. So, I will update about the subject and its application in real life. Why we study these subject and how we gonna apply these subject in our daily life. I guess everyone is wondering why we take this subject and that subject. Have you ever wondered why we ate Nasi Lemak as our breakfast?🍛

I am currently in my forth semester. I am taking Vector Calculus, Probability Theory and Introduction to Analysis as my core subjects. What we can apply in the future?


Vector Calculus📚

Vector calculus. As you guys know, it is basically vector involving in direction and magnitude. Vector can be used in many field. It can be used in navigation of aeroplane, ship and satellite since it involved in direction, distance and coordinate. Vector also used in mechanics, physics and computer engineering. When it comes to calculus, a lot of things can be applied.

Ali wants to go to the shop to buy an ice cream for him and his younger sister, what is the distance from the house to the shop?

Probability Theory📚

This is what we learn since high school but university level is much more details and yet delicious. In high school we learn how to make the nasi for Nasi Lemak but in university, we start to learn how to make the sambal for Nasi Lemak, fry the nuts and chop the same size of cucumber.

Basically for me, probability theory can be applied a lot in real life. For instance, if you are an athlete for football, the chance you will win the game is 50-50. 

A shopkeeper, selling cakes in her bakery. She will bake more highly requested cake which has more sale. The cake is the mode among other cake.

Sister, brother, and I are going to buy a dinner for Mother’s Day, then the average money each of us has to pay is the average. The average money is the mean.

10 people is lined up by age to buy a bowl of Laksa, the median age is the one who is lining up in the middle. So, the age of the middle person is the median.

Introduction to Analysis📚

Mathematical analysis and computational modeling are important for solving some of the most pressing problems of our time – new energy resources, climate change, risk management, epidemiology, to name a few.  We must strive to maintain our technological edge; mathematical skills will be crucial to this effort.

In case you are wondering, why we as Mathematics students learn about all the theorems, lemma, corollary


I think I cleared many things to our blog reader and also to me as a Mathematics student. I hope everyone knows the importance of studying/learning Maths. As I grow older, people around me will ask the same question

“Why we learn Maths?”💆

“Why Maths make the students feel so burden with the questions?”💆

“How I can answer all of this questions?”💆

“Why we have to find x?”💆

Learn Maths is not something that you have to feel like it is hard. As I always said, Maths is fun. Your mindset is the most important things. Bad mindset will lead to negative result. Do learn Maths as fun as you eat your Naan Cheese with Tandoori Chicken. 

Our final examination is around the corner, I hope there is a stall with delicious food at the corner. Till we meet again in our next blind date *It is a blind date because we interact only using this blog😍*


Maths in a Healthy Lifestyle


“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing. 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Give it 12 weeks. Do not quit.”

You need mathematics in balanced diet. Believe it or not? If you are not using mathematic, then you really do not have any idea how much calories do you need each day. How to balance your diet and how to control the amount of food you take. Calories are the sum of food and drink you take every day and how you use the calories in your daily life.


Food + Drink = Calories


5 Golden Health Tips

  • 1 Apple / Day = No Doctor

  • 1 Tulsi Leaf / Day = No Cancer

  • 1 Lemon / Day = No Fat

  • 1 Cup Milk / Day = No Bone Problem

  • 3 Liters Water / Day = No Diseases


What you need in a diet is really important. You have to know :

  • The quantity of food and drink that you need to take.
  • The interval of time like at what time you should eat you breakfast or lunch.
  • The ratio of consumption. For an example in one plate how many ratios that you have to take for vegetable, protein and carbohydrate.

Different people react with different calories. Usually men will take more calories than a woman since they need more energy to do work.

“In general, a moderately active 19-to-30-year-old woman needs 2,000 to 2,200 calories a day, whereas a man in the same category need 2,600 to 2,800.”


To get a fit body, you have to know how many minutes you need to workout. I give you an example of the 5-4-3-2-1 workout.


5 minutes 4 minutes 3 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute
1 min high knees

1 min jumping jacks

1 min front kicks

1 min jumping jacks

1 min run in place

1 min lunges

1 min mountain climbers


10 push up / rest

15 triceps dips / rest


30 seconds squats

30 seconds jump squats




One goal at a time living in a healthy lifestyle :

Goal =

8 hours sleep at night + 8 cups of water each day + 3 days exercising each week + 3 snacks each day + 3 meals each day


Keep Calm and live in a healthy living style

“When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” – John Lennon


Zero is Odd or Even?

Hi guys!!!

What do you have for lunch today? I’m very busy with mountain of assignments and just ate 2 slices of banana cake for lunch. Yummy! I walked to the corner of my classroom to throw the cakes’ box into the dustbin. Something pop up in my mind!

I asked myself this and that!

Q: Why I wanna throw the box?

A: Because it is empty. I already ate all the cakes. *In the other word there is ZERO cake in the box*

Q: Obviously ZERO is a number and we classify number as odd or even number right? Then, what about ZERO? It is odd or even?

I asked my friends whether zero is odd or even. Some of them answered zero is odd and others said zero is even. Few of them said zero is neither odd nor even! And most of them getting confused. They did not sure either it is odd or even number.

Just like what I said in the post Maths Got Pizza, nowadays math is more than accepting facts. We need to digest it properly and proof the statement to convince others that we are saying the truth.

From my view, ZERO IS EVEN NUMBER. Let’s clear this confusion before the lunch break end.

Proof 1:

Firstly, we need to recall the basic definition of even numbers. As our primary teacher taught us, even number is something that can be divided by 2 and have no remainder. For example:

14 / 2 = 7

18 / 2 = 9

20 / 2 = 10

0 / 2 = 0

Well, it can be clearly seen that zero also can be divided by 2. In fact, mathematician believe that zero is the most even number since it can be divided by 2 repeatedly and still got zero as the answer.

0 / 2 = 0

0 / 2 = 0

0 / 2 = 0




and so on.

Proof 2:

Digest this number line guys. Imagine it is the fish bone, eat carefully. Open your eyes wider!

From the number line, I can simply conclude that the pattern of a number line is {…, odd, even, odd,…} Means here, the position of even numbers and odd numbers are alternate.

3   4   5

7   8   9

-1   0   1

Once again, it is really obvious that ZERO lies between two odd numbers, -1 and 1.

Proof 3:

If n is an odd integer, then 3n + 5 is an even integer

To proof this statement, I assume that n is an odd integer.

Since n is odd, we can write n = 2k + 1 for some integer k.

Now, we have 3n + 5 = 3 (2k + 1) + 5 = 6k + 3 + 5 = 6k + 8 = 2 (3k + 4).

Since 3k + 4 is an integer, 3k + 5 is even.

But when we substitute n = 0 , where n is an odd integer, we get 3(0) + 5 = 5.

This contradicts above statement as 5 is an odd integer.

Therefore, zero is not an odd integer.

To conclude, we have proof that zero is EVEN integer.

WOW! I can’t believe I just showed you 3 proofs on why zero is even during this lunch break guys. Really hope we have learn something new today. I guess we have gain some weights! Till then, have a great day ahead buddies.


Zombies Riddle



Hi guys!

We meet again  ✌️

Have you eat your breakfast?

Roti canai with curry sure sound yummy to me 😍

Do not forget to take your breakfast okay?


This is one of the secret of happiness. Happiness is contagious !

Try to smile to the world and the world will smile back to you 🙂

By the way,

can you guys solve the last riddle i post?

Add 8 to 1000, can you?

Here is the answer for the last riddle :

The key to this math riddle is realizing that the one place must be zero.

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1,000


So is it hard?  Nope right 😉 addition sure can be tricky sometime .

Ready for the next riddle guys? *drum rolling * 

This week riddle is about

Taking that internship in a remote mountain lab might not have been the best idea. Pulling that lever with the skull symbol just to see what it did probably wasn’t so smart either. But now is not the time for regrets because you need to get away from these mutant zombies…fast. Can you use math to get you and your friends over the bridge before the zombies arrive?

Remember that only two people can across the bridge at the same time . 

so Good Luck guys !

Better decide fast before the zombies ate you! he he

👀  I wonder if brain do taste good for breakfast ? ops!

Just joking 😆 😘 . See you on the next post .

Always keep on your mind that  MATHS IS DELICIOUS 

Have a good day with Allah blessing ^^