Specific Maths Subject


Hye guys. It has been awhile since our last post. Do you guys miss us? Absolutely yes? Ohhh, i appreciate that as much as i appreciate my breakfast, lunch and my dinner *what to eat eh during breakfast tomorrow?🤔*

So today, I am going to share with you guys my subject for this semester. And as you guys know, my section involve in real life. So, I will update about the subject and its application in real life. Why we study these subject and how we gonna apply these subject in our daily life. I guess everyone is wondering why we take this subject and that subject. Have you ever wondered why we ate Nasi Lemak as our breakfast?🍛

I am currently in my forth semester. I am taking Vector Calculus, Probability Theory and Introduction to Analysis as my core subjects. What we can apply in the future?


Vector Calculus📚

Vector calculus. As you guys know, it is basically vector involving in direction and magnitude. Vector can be used in many field. It can be used in navigation of aeroplane, ship and satellite since it involved in direction, distance and coordinate. Vector also used in mechanics, physics and computer engineering. When it comes to calculus, a lot of things can be applied.

Ali wants to go to the shop to buy an ice cream for him and his younger sister, what is the distance from the house to the shop?

Probability Theory📚

This is what we learn since high school but university level is much more details and yet delicious. In high school we learn how to make the nasi for Nasi Lemak but in university, we start to learn how to make the sambal for Nasi Lemak, fry the nuts and chop the same size of cucumber.

Basically for me, probability theory can be applied a lot in real life. For instance, if you are an athlete for football, the chance you will win the game is 50-50. 

A shopkeeper, selling cakes in her bakery. She will bake more highly requested cake which has more sale. The cake is the mode among other cake.

Sister, brother, and I are going to buy a dinner for Mother’s Day, then the average money each of us has to pay is the average. The average money is the mean.

10 people is lined up by age to buy a bowl of Laksa, the median age is the one who is lining up in the middle. So, the age of the middle person is the median.

Introduction to Analysis📚

Mathematical analysis and computational modeling are important for solving some of the most pressing problems of our time – new energy resources, climate change, risk management, epidemiology, to name a few.  We must strive to maintain our technological edge; mathematical skills will be crucial to this effort.

In case you are wondering, why we as Mathematics students learn about all the theorems, lemma, corollary



I think I cleared many things to our blog reader and also to me as a Mathematics student. I hope everyone knows the importance of studying/learning Maths. As I grow older, people around me will ask the same question

“Why we learn Maths?”💆

“Why Maths make the students feel so burden with the questions?”💆

“How I can answer all of this questions?”💆

“Why we have to find x?”💆

Learn Maths is not something that you have to feel like it is hard. As I always said, Maths is fun. Your mindset is the most important things. Bad mindset will lead to negative result. Do learn Maths as fun as you eat your Naan Cheese with Tandoori Chicken. 

Our final examination is around the corner, I hope there is a stall with delicious food at the corner. Till we meet again in our next blind date *It is a blind date because we interact only using this blog😍*



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