Escape plan

Hi maths lover ! 😀

have you plans your ways to escape from the dangerous zombies?  👀

If  not , i’m afraid the zombies will be next to you right know 🎃 ! he he.


Remember the last post about Zombies Riddle?

Today i am going to share the “ESCAPE PLAN a.k.a the solution for the

last riddle that i had post . Lets take a look from this video 👇


Simple but tricky !

First let the first two fastest people go first ,

its YOU and the lab assistant to go across the bridge  (2 minutes)

then YOU run back (1 minutes) to let the

professor and the janitor across the bridge (10 minutes).

After that the lab assistant run back to get to YOU (2 minutes)

then BOTH OF YOU cross the bridge  (2 minutes)

at the same time.  So the total used of time was 17 minutes.

Well done guys !  phewww ~ That was a close call. The zombies fails to get across

the bridge.Maths can terminate zombies! Awesome right?

So good luck guys , keep smiling and remember

MATHS IS DELICIOUS and brain dont taste good! he he



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