Booster #3

MATH is made of 50% FORMULAS, 25% PROOF,  and 25% IMAGINATION

50% Formulas📚

I think most of us know that Mathematics has a lot of formulas. Even to find the probability of dice we need mathematics, even to calculate the area of a circle or even a triangle, we have formulas. That is why Mathematics is made of 50% formulas.

If you list all the formulas in Mathematics, I think you cannot finish them like a year or even you have 10 years to do so.

25% Proof📚

As we get a higher level of education, we will get used to proving as we learn many delicious theorems, corollary and lemma *can you differentiate all these three?*

p/s : Proof that 1 + 1 = 3 😱🙈

25% Imagination📚

You cannot do maths without imagination. If you read without imagination, you really can lose in a jungle without knowing what is actually happen. Maths without imagination is just like a cheesecake without cheese


Wowww!  It’s just like a cup coffee 🍵!! That was made up of half water, coffee extract and milk 🍦🍧🍲
Now, i can smell the aroma of the coffee beans ♨ mmm delicious! Marvelous!!
Let’s enjoy with our delicious coffee  💃


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