Maths in Subject

Are you majoring in Mathematics? Are you majoring in Biology? Are you majoring in Management? Or are you majoring in arts? Can you tell me what is the subject that does not involve in Mathematics?

The answer is every subject applied in Mathematics *gulp*

Yes, every subject applied in Mathematics even it is not a science subject. For an example :  Management, Arts and even Culinary?

*Huh?* Yes, I am not joking. Even the pages are written in number. Am I right that every subject involve in Mathematics? LOL sorry, this is just an intro and I am just kidding😉

This is just my random post. I am not going to each subject into details.


✍️ This course involve in delicious foods. Learning culinary is not something that we cook using our heart. Everything has to be measured. Even to cook omelet we have to measure how many eggs to use and how much salt and onion just to balance their taste. Have you eaten your dinner? Let’s imagine the taste of omelet together!



✍️ Do you know that law subject requires the usage of number as well? Of course yes. The number can be found in every Acts and Statutes. The numbers are important to differentiate every rule in this course. Wrong section will lead to wrong application. Mathematics is not just an operation. A single number like 1 is also considered as Mathematics. Let’s digest some other foods now.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics

✍️ As we know, mathematics applied the most in these three science subject. We have to calculate the population in Biology, we have to calculate the momentum in Physics and we have to calculate density in Chemistry. A boy swimming is an example of density as he needs enough oxygen in his body to become less dense than the water.



✍️ We need mathematics to calculate money. Calculator and an accountant is best friend.


✍️ Several artists used simple grids and mathematically-based devices to accurately portray scenes on a flat surface, according to the principles of linear perspective ( Mathematics itself is arts.


Mathematics is delicious enough to learn right? Whatever happens we really cannot run from the reality that mathematics is around us. I will stop here before everyone throws a basket of rotten eggs to me LOL.

Till then ( lets eat some roti canai at Khaleel☺)



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