Booster #1



LOVE ❤️‍

When my best friends ask me about love, my answer is ‘ LOVE IS DELICIOUS ‘. Most of the time, love is SWEET but sometimes love is SOUR and BITTER. Love can be SPICY too. To make it short, it’s look SIMPLE but COMPLICATED with all those spices in the relationship. 😂


Math = Love

I can’t deny this equation! Math is as simple as love. Math starts with a simple idea like eating a snack plate of KFC but it can get complicated when people wondering ‘How many calories I ate?’ ‘How fast I should eat in 5 minutes?’

 That’s why Math students write this kind of love letter to Math.



Dear Students,

I know Math is getting complicated when the alphabets came. It does not teach you much about love and relationship. It does not comfort you when you are struggling to solve problems. But, Math teach you that every problem have a SOLUTION. So, don’t ever give up! Enjoy your life in delicious way. 😋



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