Maths in The Shape of Food

Do you ever imagine about the shape of food involve in mathematics? We love to eat but we never imagine about mathematics in the shape of food.  Since we are in kindergarten, the teachers always teach us using colorful foods to make it more fun and attractive. There are some examples I will show you to munch. Feel the taste!

Area of circle = 2πr² : Have you ever calculate the area of pancake using above formula?

Area of cylinder = 2πrh + 2πr² : We can determine the area of bottle of pringles using above formula and do you know that pringles is a typical example of a hyperbolic  paraboloid?

Lollipop is an example of circle food shape.

Samosa, slice of cake, slice of pizza, slice of watermelon are example of triangle food shape

Egg is an example of oval food shape

Even to learn fraction, we use pie. Even to make a honeystar shaped we can use mathematics. Feel the sweetness?

Square box, round pizza, triangle slices. And sometimes we can find rectangular shape as the topping. Isn’t it fun? We can see three different shapes in one food.  Mathematics is actually fun when we relate to our daily life. There will always be sweetness after bitterness.


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