Maths Got Pizza

In Mathematics our goal is to seek the truth. During my school days, finding the answers to mathematical questions like

‘Najwa and Najiha bought a Hawaiian Chicken Pizza each. How many pizza in total bought by them?’

1 + 1 = 2

It is such an easy question!

But  when I further my degree in Maths, I realized that Mathematics is more than finding the right answer for a question. Now, I should start thinking why ONE pizza + ONE pizza is TWO pizza? Why it was not THREE?

We must certain that our answer (TWO PIZZA) is right and give an explanation on why we believe it is TRUE and convince others that it is TRUE. Obviously Maths is more than what we thought. It is way beyond our imagination!

pizza 2       tambah       pizza 2   sama 2.jpg


From now on, lets explore the adventure of Math’s World with us 😊


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